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    “Blue Print System”

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Here is how it works..

We understand that selecting a new campus location can be one of the biggest and riskiest decisions the organisation will make.

Lease costs are the second largest expense for a provider and the new fitout will be the largest capital expense the organisation will commit too so getting it wrong can be extremely expensive and a mistake some providers never recover from.

So we have put together a proved system that removes the risk from the process and gives you access to the maximum revenue capacity of the new site and give the organisation the highest probability of success.
  • EI has established themselves as an industry leader in the design of compliant building fit outs, that are efficient and will save their clients time, stress and genuine money. As a 9B and building compliance specialist, I highly recommend Chris and his team for any organisation engaged in tertiary education
    Rod Camm
    Ex CEO ACEPT DIrector MMACDOR Consulting
  • Chris and his team were great communicators ensuring all expectations
     were realised and the project met critical deadlines
    John Bonnici
  • Education Interiors are fabulous! They allow me to focus on what I do best, build and grow aCRICO college and leave the managing the designers, contractors and approvals for our new campus to the top 9b experts in the country!
    Gizelle Rezende
    Greenwich College

Our system has 3 stages


Stage 1: Property Analysis and Report Audit


Stage 2: Design Management and Certification


Stage 3: Client Side Project Management

Stage 1 you’ll discover

What are the 4 main questions you ask yourself as an Education Provider looking to set up a new Education Approved and Class 9b compliance campus and you find a space?

See if this sound familiar:

“Will it get 9b?”
“How long will it take?”
“How much will it cost?”
“How many students can I have at any one time?”

Imagine trying to make a decision on leasing or purchasing a property for your new campus premise and not having the answer to the above questions. How difficult would the lease negotiations be and what would the risk be if you got it wrong?

Now imagine you can have all those above questions answered and more, with certainty, for one or all the premises you are looking to lease or purchase. 

How different would those lease negotiations be? How much more clarity and certainty around the new potential campus would you have? How much less risk would there be in the whole process?

Well with our Systemised “Property Analysis and Audit” we are able to provide our clients with all the clarity and certainty they need to confidently enter into their lease negotiations knowing they can achieve 9b approval and what the optimised campus numbers and revenue of the new facility will be.

By providing our clients with literally a “Blueprint” on what it will take to:
Then book a call with our CEO
Chris Green to see what unlocked potential
there is in your new or existing campus
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The 7 things you must know before signing your next lease!

Don't hesitate to get this informative report before settling on your next lease.

    During Stage 2 ...

    Now we know what we can achieve and how to achieve it, we need to engage all individual specialist and bring them together to deliver exactly what we want in your new campus.

    It’s a bit like conducting a band or coaching an elite sporting team, you need a conductor/coach who has the over vision for the outcome and can bring out the individual talents and skills of the assemble band/team so together they can provide the specific desired outcome.

    And the is what Education Interiors does for our ideal clients. 

    We are able to assemble the exact specialist team required to guarantee the successful delivery of our clients campus outcome. 

    Whether it be a specialist designer, PCA, Town Planner, Service Consultant, Fire Engineer, Access Consultant.... the list goes on and with EI, you have the industry specialists bring it all together to ensure you have the campus design to optimise the space and revenue of the campus and the personal required to deliver the Education and Class 9b compliant and approved campus.

    Now all you have to do is get it priced and build it.

    And this is where our clients really love working with us and how we work together to deliver the new masterpiece with our Stage 3 “Client Side Project Management”

    During Stage 3 ....

    Book a call with our CEO Chris Green to see what unlocked potential is in your new or existing campus

    Now everything is planned and documented and we have all the consulting personal required to deliver our certification for the project and make sure we achieve our full numbers and still be fully compliant with the BCA, NCC and AS.

    We now need to price the project and have it delivered on site within the time frames and budget set.

    So imagine having highly skilled team, expert in delivering in the education sector, working on your behalf, for free?

    Well that’s what happens when our clients work with us at EI, crazy isn’t!!

    How do you do that?

    Great question and the answer is the difference between wholesale and retail pricing.

    How often do our clients go out to market to purchase a fit out? In most cases, once every 5-7 years unless they have a significant growth plan and they may go out every 2-3 years.

    Even if you are purchasing once every year, you will still be paying retail for the project.

    However, like EI, if you are purchasing every week, you become a extremely good client to a select group of quality fit out companies who very much want your business and all they have to do is do what they do best, deliver quality education fit outs for our clients. 

    And based on that, we at EI purchase at a significantly reduced rate, wholesale if you would, which we pass onto our clients. The difference between the wholesale rate and retail is significantly more than our fee so our clients literally get us for free.

    So we tender the project, arrange all the site visits, answer the contractor questions, vet and review all the tender submissions, ensure everything is included and present the costings to our clients for them to make the ultimate decision and engage the most suitable fit out team for the project, directly so there is total transparency.

    We then oversee the fit out team through out the process and represent our clients throughout the entire onsite construction process to ensure all aspects of the design and fit out requirements are delivered within the time frame and budget with minimal variations. 

    And all this for FREE!

    Not a bad system, so make sure you ........
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