9b Compliance

Is 9b Compliant Important?

Ensuring your new or refurbished premises is 9b compliant is a critical part of your ASQA or TEQSA compliance requirements….

State & Federal Legislation require all education and training facilities to operate out of premises that have the appropriate "classification of use" which is Class 9b. Unlike standard commercial office facilities, class 9b has more stringent requirements particularly when it comes to Exit/Emergency, lighting fire services including detection and suppression, egress from the premises, etc.

Why is this so? Well, Class 9b facilities that Education must provide, allows for a higher volume of occupants per square meter than the average tenancy as well as a higher level of "visitors" to the premises who may not be familiar with the facilities. So in the event of an emergency, it is important to be able to efficiently and safely evacuate all people from the premises.

Our value to our clients is our unique understanding of the process, thereby guiding them through the virtual minefield that is their 9b and other BCA compliance issues to ensure that once the project is completed, they are able to move in and start offering their courses without any delay from the Education Industry regulatory bodies i.e. ASQA or TEQSA.

Compliance Requirements:

Higher Education Providers:

Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015


item 1.6:

ELICOS Providers:

National standards for ELICOS Providers and Courses (ELICOS Standards)

items P7.1 & P8.1

VET Providers (National):

Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012:

SNR 9.1 & SNR 20.1

VET Providers (Victoria Only):

VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers (Victoria Only)

item 5.1

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